Monday, 18 May 2009

shanghai tang

Ever stepped into the boutique Shanghai Tang, only to be greeted by this all too familiar yet wonderful scent of the ginger lily? The signature scent of the boutique comes from the Hedychium cornonarium and the Hedychium coronarium var. chrysoleucum (pictured left) , otherwise known as the butterfly or ginger lily. Although the plant is popular with many gardeners, it is seldom planted or incorporated into the landscape because it is not terribly hardy and tends to droop over after a heavy downpour, thus rendering a messy appearance. I have not been too successful with this plant and I suspect that it is probably more particular about its soil conditions as opposed to the other gingers. So far, those which I have grown in pots appear to be surviving, though they could probably do with a boost to give it a healthier look. I recall seeing those at FEF with plump rhizomes on the surface of the soil. For some reason, I can't seem to get it to look or grow that way.

Anyway, I would definitely love to incorporate this into my garden and grow it en masse because it is probably the best scented plant to have in the garden.

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