Thursday, 28 May 2009

costus laevis

The costus laevis has finally bloomed. However, it doesn't look anything like the costus laevis on Dave's website, which is arguably more unique. Still, at least it resembles the one pictured in the supplier's (Heliconia Paradise) website. That's the thing I keep telling people about costuses. There are so many species around, many of which remain either undiscovered or unidentified. And until it flowers, people often find it difficult to distinguish one from the other unless the foliage is particularly distinctive. Anyway, I am happy with this specimen and I am certainly taking comfort in knowing that i've not seen this anywhere in Singapore, not even in the Ginger Gardens.

I got the costus laevis in the form of 2 to 3 rhizomes. It has taken it a year to flower. But in all fairness, I only transplanted it into the ground in November last year and the plant started growing pretty quickly after that. They are now about 2 to 3 metres tall but still shorter than the costus lucanunsianus which is probably about 3 to 4 metres. The other unique trait I noticed is that the flower has a light sweet scent. Quite unusual amongst costuses I have to say.

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