Sunday, 3 May 2009

costus erythrophyllus aff. grey form

Every time I walk my mutts around the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I always make it a point to take them through the ginger gardens. The thing I enjoy most about the ginger gardens is the fact that there is always something new, waiting to be discovered. This is especially so for plants like costuses which tend to look alike. And the fact that most are un-labelled and not all of them bloom frequently adds to the level of excitement especially when you chance upon something you have never seen before.

I have heard of this costus and seen it on the web, but this was the first time I had chanced upon it at the gardens. I probably never paid much attention to it because the specimens were lurking behind a garden bench which was located deep within.

Unlike the typical Costus erythrophyllus form which is commonly found in the horticultural trade and characterised by dark green upper foliage, this little number has a silvery grey tone which contrasts very well with the dark purple undersides. This form also has spiraling stems instead of the stocky straight stems we see in the usual form.

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