Friday, 28 August 2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

the new paradise

After toiling laboriously for many days, I am pleased to say that the garden at my new place is finally more or less complete. All that is required now is patience and time for the plants to recover from shock and to grow and flourish. As usual, the front of the house remains landscaped while the back is more a "nursery" area for my costuses, bromeliads, orchids and various other plants. The side of the house, which is the breeziest and is shaded from the tree canopy overhead, houses various zingibers, orchids, nepenthes and costuses which I got from Aloha Tropical. The backyard area is pretty ideal as it is bright and airy without being subjected to any direct morning or afternoon sun, hence perfect for my passiflora, curcumas and tillandsias. I've also noticed that the bromeliads are beginning to colour up without getting burnt or the need for shade cloth. What I love most about the new place is the tree canopy overhead as it provides much needed shade to the house and garden without it being too stuffy. Every morning, i'll just sit in the terrace and watch the trees and the occasional squirrel scurry around from branch to branch. Even the dogs seem to enjoy the place!