Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Illy's passiflora - Passiflora Incense

I came across this passiflora at Chatuchak Market in March this year. However, by the time I was done with my rounds and preparing to bleed my wallet dry, someone had beat me to it by buying the one and only pot. So in the end, I settled for the P. Lady Margaret.

Thankfully, Illy was kind enough to pop by Chatuchak and get me a pot before returning to Singapore in April. I don't know the name of this hybrid, but I have decided to christen it Illy's passiflora for the time being. This specimen produces large heavily scented blooms and is quite the robust grower. Hopefully the others in my collection (coccinea, pfordtii and lady margaret) will also produce flowers in no time.


  1. Aww, that's sweet! I have a plant named after me! It's quite a show-er... and I'm sure it's quite a grower as well!