Friday, 29 May 2009

latest bromeliad order

This is the third order which good Lyndi had organised with Michael's Bromeliads. Needless to say, it is quite evident from the photos that I burnt quite a huge hole in my pocket. That's the thing about ordering online with only photos to see. You tend to get bolder and more adventurous and this usually translates into the desire to acquire the unique and virtually unattainable. It also doesn't help that Micheal's catalogue is so darn comprehensive. I had to be really disciplined and cut down my order quite drastically to a mere 22 specimens!

Anyway, two of the specimens alone had set me back by USD$120. It is the extremely rare and much desired Aechmea tayoensis which is endemic to Equador. The other is a very new hybrid known as the Neoregelia (car. x Hannibal Lector) x Tiger Cub #2. So far, I could possibly be the only one in Singapore to have the Neo. hybrid. Quite a few people have the Aechmea and the Orchid Gardens at the Botanic Gardens has quite a few large specimens.

I tend to prefer ordering the more unique species and therefore shy away from the popular selections (which are usually more colourful). Hence, my orders usually stand out from everyone else's not because they are outstanding, but because no one is really interested or "turned on" by what I want. Still, I think they are pretty cool selections. These include the following: Aechmea orlandiana, Aechmea phanerophlebia, Hohenbergia castellaosii, Hohenbergia burle marxii, Vriesea Simplex, Blilbergia viridiflora, Billbergia stenopetala

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