Tuesday, 26 May 2009

costus scaber

Everyday, as I drive to work and park my car at the Singapore Recreation Club, I would come across this huge patch of costuses growing along Stamford Road, just before the turning into Connaught Drive. Initially, I thought they were the very common Costus woodsonii. But as I got closer and drove past slower every day, I realised that there was something very different about them. So one weekend, I drove down to check them out. As you can see from the photos, they are most definitely not the Costus woodsonii because both the flowers, the foliage and the form are very different. These tended to appear more "shrubby" in appearance because they grew in clumps and were not very tall, probably 3 ft max. I managed to knick a few plantlets to grow them at home.

In my view, it is probably the costus scaber (commonly known in the nursery trade as costus spicatus).

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