Monday, 22 June 2009

the future...?

Many of you (assuming the readers are my friends) know that i've been hunting around for a place of my own for quite some time now. In fact, i've seen the property market rise from its stagnant state in 2005, reach its peak in 2007 and fall sharply in early 2009. Still, i've ended up with nothing.

It's somewhat different with landed property. People do not generally speculate on land (because capital gains aren't as profitable in the short term), hence the prices do not fluctuate quite as much. This means that when the price of land goes up, it seldom falls quite as dramatically as non-landed property during a property slump or downturn. The beauty of owning land is, it tends to hold its value a lot better as it is based on economic fundamentals.

Needless to say, one of the main criteria I look out for in landed property is the size of the plot. Not only do I require sufficient space for the dogs to run around, more importantly, there should be enough land for me to grow my huge collection of plants. All these years, I have been amassing and cultivating all sorts of rare and beautiful plants for one single purpose, to incorporate them into my garden.

Over the last weekend, I viewed this particular property somewhere near Binjai estate. It has a land size of about 4000 sq ft and a built up of about 2800 sq ft spread over two and a half floors. This means that there is at least 2500 sq ft of land which I can use to landscape with. Both the front and the back yards have rather sizeable plots, sufficient for my needs. The house in itself is quite unique as the living, dining and even the kitchen have double-volume ceilings. Needless to say, it would be quite spectacular if I incorporated floor to ceiling folding glass doors which provide me with a clear view of a heavily planted garden. Who needs art on walls when you have a living, breathing garden which you can enjoy from within your own home.

Although the location is a tad far, it is still a gem. All it needs is some A&A to the interior and the facade (it could look like the ones in the photos below) and a touch of magic to the garden. Best of all, the seller's price isn't particularly unreasonable either. All I need to do now, is to make a few calls to the bank. Who knows! This might be home.

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