Friday, 5 June 2009

what is what?

Here are 4 different costuses which look somewhat alike. I am only certain about the IDs of two of the costuses, namely the C. woodsonii (second from left) and the C. spiralis 'Strawberry bud' (third from left). The first and the last remain unknown although I suspect that the first is probably the C. scaber (sold as 'Spicatus' in the nursery trade). The last one has leaves which are quite similar to the C. woodsonii. However, it's far more slender, taller and has a pronounced spiraling effect. The bracts of the two are also rather different, not just in form but also in colour, the C. woodsonii being a lot redder. Based on the searches which I have done on the web, this appears to resembles the C. scaber, although it has a completely different form as compared to the first one.

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