Monday, 8 June 2009

myrica rubra - "yang mei"

Some people might find this fruit rather familiar. On the one hand, it resembles the lychee while on the other, it does look a wee bit like a round strawberry. As this tree originates from east Asia, mainly China, it is often referred to as "Yang Mei" or Chinese Bayberry. I found these at a fruit store at Ghim Moh market yesterday after my gym work-out. I remember tasting it before, although I can't exactly remember where or when. Strangely, it tastes just the way it looks, sweet and sour with a very luscious 'berry-like' texture.

I've kept a couple of seeds with the intention of planting them. However, I doubt our climate will be suitable for the cultivation of these plants. Still, no harm trying!


  1. I think I brought some fresh ones to Rumia once. i had only the canned ones when i was younger (the days when canned fruits and ice cubes constitute desserts, like rambutan with pineapple stuffing, longan...) i think ma ling brand has one under the name of Arbutus. Check it out.

  2. yeah, Arbutus is what it says on the packet!