Friday, 26 June 2009

bromeliad landscape

Currently, I have more than 50 different types of bromeliads sitting pretty in my backyard. This collection is likely to grow over time. The long term plan is to incorporate these bromeliads into the garden-scape. Some species like Bilbergias, Aechmea orlandianas and the smaller broms will probably be mounted on trees while the rest like the Hohenbergias, Vrieseas, Alcanteras and the larger Neoregelias and Aechmeas will remain at ground level. A few will probably be mounted in pots and placed somewhere prominent for dramatic effect. Think species like the Aechmea blanchetiana, Aechmea Malva and Alcantera imperialis!

For now, I am drawing inspiration from the photos (see posts below) of the bromeliad gardenscape which I found from GardenWeb. I hope to do better!

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