Sunday, 1 August 2010

raphidophora celatocaulis - shingle plant

I received my first Raphidophora celatocaulis (pictured right) from Lyndi several months ago. It is such an easy plant to grow because I merely stick it in a pot of soil, lean it against a wall and in no time, the plant will start climbing and producing offshoots! I got the variegated Raphidophora cryptantha (pictured left) from Woon Leng during the recent SGF but it isn't as vigourous as the celatocaulis.

The Raphidophora is a genus in the family Araceae and it consists up to approximately 100 species.

You can find out more about the Raphidophora here .

Here's a quick pictorial ID guide to the various Raphidophora species.


  1. nice collection. have the plants morphed into larger sizes?

  2. I just love this plant!
    Would it be possible to buy some cuttings??
    I just can't find them in Europe...