Friday, 20 August 2010


Was surfing Ting Ting's blog and came across an entry with this image of Ting Ting and my friend Jason. They were featured in the August edition of Appetite magazine on urban gardens. The photo of Jason was taken in his cool-house which is his pride and joy. He tried convincing me to get one set up at the new place, but the thought of hefty electricity bills, coupled with the impact on the environment was enough to deter me. I can see the attraction in having a cool house because it opens up new possibilities for the avid tropical gardener, but it comes at a price. It all boils down to priorities. I think I will simply go with a simple 'cage-like' structure which would function as my nursery and holding area for my hanging and shade-loving plants.

Perhaps some day they would feature my garden. But what should I pose with? My bromeliad collection perhaps?

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