Friday, 10 July 2009

morning glory

My earliest memory of the Morning Glory has to be the time I used to grow it from seeds. When I was very young, I used to buy seeds by the packet from Fitzpatrick's supermarket (which was bought over by Cold Storage in the mid-80s). Most of the seeds I bought were annuals. The Morning Glory was perhaps the only perennial I bought, which explained why it was the only plant to ever reach maturity. Anyway, the Morning Glorys I bought came in hues of magenta, violet and pink. The ones which we commonly find growing in the wild in Singapore are somewhat lilac in colour. The ones pictured here have a bluish purple hue and turn pinkish as the day wears on. I got this from World Far several weeks back and I allowed it to train along the passiflora, just to give it more colour. I will probably train it along the fence at the new place

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