Sunday, 5 July 2009

bromeliad collection update!

My broms collection is rather eclectic. I suppose it's largely because I don't go just for colour but am also interested in the form. This explains why my brom collection tends to consists of rather interesting and lesser known broms such as Hohenbergia, Dyckia, Androlepsis and Alcantarea. I also tend to go for the rarer Neoregelias, Billbergias, Vriseas and Aechmeas such as the exotic Aechmea orlandianas, the rather rare Neo. Jaline, the very large Billbergia stenopetala and the Vrisea Simplex which has flowers resembling that of the Heliconia rostrata. Once I get a place of my own, I will incorporate these into the garden; some on branches of trees together with other epiphytes like orchids, spanish moss and ferns, while the others at ground level amidst foliage.

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