Sunday, 12 July 2009

calorie loss regime

I've started to pack and move some stuff over to the new place, just so as to free up the space for more packing. Over the last 6 years I have amassed quite a significant amount of tangible possessions, some more prized and valuable than others. These include my collection of plants!

Over the weekend, I uprooted some of the costuses and heliconias which I had planted into the ground late last year. I still have a couple more to go including the Musa laterita, the Calathea lutea and rattlesnake, as well as the large clump of Costus guanaiensis and the Heliconia bihai. I will probably also have to uproot or if that is not possible, take a cutting of the woody-stemmed rangoon creeper and passiflora to grow along the front porch and possibly, the along the fence of the new place.

However, my biggest complaint so far as to be the fact that the entire garden area on the front and side is covered with pebbles. These must have been there for a long time because quite a lot of it is deeply embedded into the ground, so much so that I can hardly dig through it. It is extremely frustrating, considering the fact that I intend to uproot and transplant the larger plants directly. I will have to discuss and negotiate sometime with the estate management guys tomorrow to see if a solution can be found. Otherwise, I would be most upset!

In the meantime, I must have burnt quite a significant amount of calories today as I spent much of the afternoon in hard labour; packing, carrying, pushing etc. If this persists for another 2 weeks, I am sure I would have lost some weight and gained more muscle.

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