Monday, 9 February 2009

good luck pineapple

With any luck, I ought to strike it big this year, be it at work, financially or perhaps, acquiring that dream home. The reason I say this is because two of my pineapple plants have bloomed for the very first time. According to Chinese custom, the pineapple symbolises the coming of wealth. For this reason, the pineapple is considered auspicious for the Chinese New Year. Well, hopefully this will hold true for me this year!

The pineapple or Ananas cosmosus belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. And because it is edible, it is the most widely cultivated bromeliad in the world. Cultivation is also relatively easy for the top / crown of the fruit can be planted in soil and a new fruit-bearing plant will emerge after a few weeks. In that respect, the entire plant can be used, save for its skin (that said, i'm sure it can go into the compost bin). A word of caution though. As the leaves are sharp and serrated, I would advise handling them with care such as wearing gloves. I wouldn't put my face too close to the plant either for fear of losing an eye or scarring of the face.

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