Sunday, 1 February 2009

new Cattleyas

Top: Cattleya Black Jack; Middle: Cattleya Emerald Green; Bottom: Cattleya Walkeriana

I acquired these Cattleyas from Song very recently. The owner, Mr Phua had recently relocated out of Woon Leng to another plot which isn't too far off. It's a good move because it's cleaner and a lot more spacious. Even Mr Phua, his family and workers have got more space and proper shelter to rest in. As usual, the offering was aplenty and it was all very tempting. In particular, I was rather taken by this Phalaenopsis hybrid (P. fasciata and something else) which is named after some guy and has tiger stripes. Unfortunately, the cost deterred me. So I made do with these cattleyas which Mr Song says are a must for cattleya collectors.

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  1. Label is incorrect.. it is Green Emerald.