Saturday, 3 July 2010

a tropical greenhouse

I have many gardening friends, most of whom take their hobby very seriously. But this guy J takes it many notches up. He's actually got a greenhouse (left), complete with air-conditioning (two 12,000 BTU units) and water-sprinkler system. I really take my hat off to this guy and i'll be lying if I said I was wasn't green with envy. Costs aside, such a set-up opens up so many possibilities because one can grow all sorts of montane and intermediate species of plants.

I like J's set up because it's very clean and neat, just like a nursery. It is similar to Woon Leng's, except that Woon Leng's was getting a tad too crowded. If I were to have a greenhouse, i'll probably do something similar to SBG's cool house (left), in that, it would be landscaped with actual trees and rocks to attach my orchids, nepenthes, sarrcenias and various other temperates shrubbery. I cannot begin imagine what my electricity bills would look like at the end of each month.

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  1. With proper planning and design the electric bill wouldn't be so bad.