Saturday, 3 July 2010

check out the size of this guy

This is one big Tillandsia xerographica. Far East nursery is selling a palm-sized one from $48 up. Imagine how much this fella would fetch? The guy in the photo is tillandsia enthusiast Kyle Thibaudeau from Boca Raton Florida. You can check out his Flickr page with photos of his huge tillandsia collection. Apart from these airplants, he's also into bosai and orchids. Check out the size of this Schomburgkia tibicinis. Everything about this guy is big!


  1. why do not you join the group on fb planet tillandsia?

  2. I can't find his profil on flickr please help me to find him, is he on facebook?

  3. LOL 48 dollars for a palm sized one??? Thats way too overpriced -.-

    Your'should be around 60-70. :)