Wednesday, 28 January 2009

white lotus

For the longest time that I can remember, i've only had the common pink lotus. In fact, I have to confess to being somewhat ignorant as I never knew that lotus, like water-lilies, come in a variety of colours. So it came as a surprise when I stumbled upon a pot of white lotus at World Farm several years ago. Unfortunately, my friend (who was plant-shopping for his new home) beat me to it by purchasing the one and only pot, so I had to settle for second best, which was really to wait for his plant to flower and produce seed.

Of course, that never happened. Don't get me wrong. The lotus did bloom, but my friend was none the wiser and claimed that did not know to collect the seeds for me. Eventually, the lotus died under his lack of care, and with it, all hopes of me ever finding another white lotus. (but to be honest, I didn't really try hard enough)

A couple of months ago, I spotted a pot of white lotus sitting in a pot outside my French neighbour's house. He told me that he got it from a lotus farm opposite farm-mart. Not long after, his lotus flowered and I managed thereafter to collect some seeds from the lotus pod. I wasted no time in sowing them in a large dragon pot and in a matter of weeks, the first bloom emerged.

There is something very sacred-like and pure about the white lotus. Its petals, when looked at under bright sunlight, seem almost translucent, like pure white linen, glistening in the sun. It also has a slight scent which to me, accentuates the sense of purity and lightness of being. Very ethereal and mystical.

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