Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I like photography. I always have. Like art and gardening, it is a deeply personal activity which affords one the space to explore and the opportunity to express his or her thoughts, emotions and creativity through the lens. It is an opportunity for people, ordinary folk like you and I, to witness what the photographer sees.  

I don't consider myself to be a professional photographer for I do not have the appropriate equipment nor the requisite skills. But I like to think that i've got a keen eye, an interesting perspective and I do take pretty decent photos.  Most of the photos on this blog were taken by me using my Canon Powershot G10 (or its predecessors, the G7 and G3 respectively) a compact but powerful 14.7 megapixel camera that functions pretty much like a SLR.  As you can probably tell, I enjoy taking macroshots of plants, especially foliage with its different patterns and different colours and shades of green. The montage below of foliage in my garden speaks for itself. 

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