Monday, 29 March 2010

the coconut orchid

On Sunday, I took Lex with me to Song Orchids. As he can't walk, I carted him around in his stroller. Lex has always been fond of plants, smelling them during his walks and occasionally, relieving himself on them. Even in his current state, he seems to appreciate the orchids as he would look at the ones that I pick and even have a whiff of them when I bring them to him. I do wish he'll be able to walk again.

I bought a couple of things from Song and included in my purchases was this coconut orchid (Maxillaria tenuifolia). It doesn't take much to guess why it's called that because the flowers are heavily scented with coconut. I did some research on it and apparently, it does not flower easily because it requires cooler temperatures and shady conditions. For now, I've kept it indoors, pretty close to Lex so that he can have a whiff of them anytime.

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